For some reason, there are people out there who are not in love with golf.

Strange, right?

Not being a fan of watching golf can be understandable; it can be difficult to follow and can seem "boring" to the untrained eye. But not enjoying playing golf? WHAT?

Golf, as we all know, is extremely hard. But people who think they don't like playing attribute those incorrect feelings to golf not just being extremely hard, but downright impossible to pick up. That's not the case, though. As long as they are getting out and practicing, they are going to get better and will surely learn to love the game. They won't become professionals, but neither are you -- and neither is anyone else other than a very small percentage of the worldwide population.

So don't focus on being a great golfer, focus on having fun while golfing. All you need to do is help your friend realize that they can enjoy golf and actually get a good shot in every couple of swings -- which is an amazing feeling. Here are some tips that you should pass on to your friend who thinks he or she doesn't like playing golf.

  • Get them some good equipment -- If your friend is trying to golf with a set of clubs from the 1880s, they probably aren't going to do very well. Let them borrow your top-of-the-line driver so they can see how easy it is to kill the ball 250 yards with a nice, smooth swing. Similarly, get them some sticky gloves so they feel more comfortable swinging a club. Without sticky gloves, your friend might swing too hard and send your expensive club flying into the woods.

  • Don't let them try for holes-in-one -- Far too many golfers think they are going to get a hole-in-one, but that's simply not the case. If your friend goes into each golf outing with that mindset, they will feel like a failure unless they get a few incredible shots. The estimated odds of hitting two holes-in-one in a single round are one in 64 million. It's not going to happen -- so tell them to just swing easy and aim for the green (then it might actually happen).

  • Practice putting more than anything else -- Even if your friend takes erratic swing after swing to get the ball actually on the green, if they are good at putting, their score is going to be so much better. Before every outing, have your friend take his or her golf balls and practice putting for at least 15 to 20 minutes.
    Most importantly, have fun out there! If you want to find high quality sticky gloves or grip spray to improve your golf game, check out Grip Boost today!