football glove grip sprayEvery kid in America who plays football wants to be just like Odell Beckham Jr. Not only does he have an interesting personality, he makes, on a regular basis, some of the most incredible catches of all-time. This is the catch that put OBJ on the map of every wide receiver in the United States.

"HE IS INSANE," remarked Al Michaels, "HOW DO YOU MAKE THAT CATCH?"

Cris Collinsworth chimed in on OBJ's talents that night as well:


Clearly, the average high school football player isn't going to have even one-tenth of the talent that OBJ has, at least not yet, but there are things they can do to start making unfathomable catches like that and so many we see across the football landscape.

If you're hoping to improve your wide receiver skills this summer, here are some things you should start doing:

  • Take your equipment to the next level with football glove grip spray -- You're going to need some great football gloves but that's not all. Football gloves sticky spray can turn your already useful gloves into catching machines. All-star wide receivers like OBJ have extremely large hands, excellent coordination, and unfathomable talent, sure, but they also have some of the best grip gloves on the market.
  • Get to the weight room -- Don't just lift heavy weights all the time, either. Though lifting is important, you need to focus on properly stretching your body so you're able to make those acrobatic-type catches. Spend some time in the weight room each week and work with a knowledgeable personal trainer so you can get your body ready to make awesome plays like your favorite football stars.
  • Practice, practice, practice -- Call up a friend each day and play catch for hours on end -- that's the only way to improve your catching ability. Consider getting an NFL official game ball to practice with if you really want to be like OBJ. Wilson Sporting Goods supplies every NFL team with about 780 balls per team each season. Start making barehanded catches to practice and then bust out the football glove grip spray and start making those "insane" catches.
    Don't think that just because OBJ and these other wide receivers are so talented that you can make catches like them, too. If you want to find high quality football glove grip spray so you can start catching those impossible balls, give Grip Boost a call today.