sticky football gloveDuring the 2016-17 school year, participation in high school football grew to 1.09 million. Football has its controversies, but it's still one of the most important sports in the world.

If you're a football player, you should be working on improving every aspect of your ability at all times. For the most part, simply hitting the weight room will help. But if you play a skill position like wide receiver, you need to be able to catch every ball thrown at you.

Here are some excellent ways you can become a better football pass catcher:

  1. Get some sticky football gloves -- Even if you have excellent grip, bare hand catches are extremely difficult during play. Sweat can lead to even easy passes to sail right through your hands -- that's where awesome football gloves come in. Nearly every star NFL wideout uses sticky football gloves and you should, too.
  2. Work on hand-eye coordination -- You need to be able to catch well, but you need great hand-eye coordination, as well. Learning how to juggle and regularly performing eye exercises will help you out tremendously.
  3. Hand workouts -- You should be working out a lot already, but start focusing on strengthening your hand muscles. Even if you can't spend as much time in the gym as you want, simply opening and closing your fist will improve your hand strength.
  4. Run your routes often -- Running your routes should be second nature. If you are able to run every route in your playbook without thinking, you'll be able to focus everything into simply catching the ball. Study and learn all your plays and then practice running all your routes.
  5. Play catch as much as you can -- The best way to become a better pass catcher is to get outside and play catch as much as you possibly can. If you can, get your quarterback outside so you can build chemistry together. But playing catch with a friend will surely help improve your skills.

If you are ready to never drop a football pass again and stand out on the football field, it's time to upgrade! If you want to get some sticky football gloves and improve your catching abilities, give Grip Boost a call right away.