By Jamie Gacos
Second Skin Golf Glove
GB Golf
Everybody wants to get into the
game!  So I’m sitting at my desk working
on the first issue of Great Golf
Magazine for the season when I get
another email from a PR firm who
wants us to include a new golf glove
they are representing in Publisher’s
Picks. As with all requests, I asked them
to mail us a sample so we could put it to
the grind to determine if the product is
something our readers will find
beneficial and worthy of using.
My initial thought, prior to having
the actual
glove in my
hand, was,
“How different
could this golf
be?” The PR
firm was
claiming the
“second skin”
glove is,
“designed to help golfers enhance their
grip whether rain or shine.”
I received the glove and my initial
reaction with the design was
wonderment as to whether the “straps”
on the back hand would be the first item
to breakdown on the glove. The strap
design is different but I did not want to
judge the glove based on its design but
more on its function.
As my kids would say, “Land the
plane, Dad.” Ok. I have played
approximately twelve rounds with this
glove and the glove continues to hold up
beautifully. In fact, one of the rounds
was in the rain and even though I did
not wear the glove to the point where it
became saturated,
it did get pretty
Usually when a
cabretta leather
glove gets wet, it
stretches out to
the point where
the finger tips
strectch, get
“pointy,” and the
glove never dries properly to the point
where it can be worn again. Wet gloves
usually always shrink, the leather dries
out and gets hard, and the glove loses its
shape after it has dried preventing it
from ever being worn again. This was
not the case with the Second Skin Golf
Glove. The Second Skin Golf Glove not
only dried, retaining the softness of the
cabretta leather, but, most importantly, it
retained its shape. In fact, one would
never know that the glove had gotten
wet in the first place!
Grip Boost was invented by former
NFL and University of Maryland tight
end Matt Furstenburg in partnership
with a group of Ph. D chemical
engineers at the University of Maryland.
The first product from Grip Boost
tackled one of the biggest problems with
football gloves — the rapid decline in
tackiness/grip of the gloves. The
innovative solutions that followed
harnessed the power of combining
science and athletics to develop a wide
array of Grip Boost products for
football, baseball and golf.