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Grip Boost Pendulum Golf Putter Grip - Midsize Putter Grip - $29.95

MSRP: $ 29.95
  • BETTER FEEL: #1 Feel In Golf. Our patented grip technology is something you have never felt before. We hand etch the surface of our grip material for better feel, increased comfort and unmatched non-slip grip.
  • ENGINEERED SHAPE: The Grip Boost Pendulum Putter Grip shape was studied over traditional putter grip shapes. The findings showed that overall putting accuracy increased by over 30% using the Pendulum Putter Grip.
  • SIZE & WEIGHT: The putter grip is 11" long by 1.5" wide and 1" in height. The grip weighs 75 grams.
  • ORIENTATION: GB Pendulum Putter grip can be aligned two different ways. The most popular alignment is with the profile installation. The other option is the install the long putter grip vertically.
  • USGA Approved: Putter grip fully conforms to the equipment rules of the USGA.

The Grip Boost Pendulum Putter Grip is the first putter grip technology to fit perfectly into a golfers hand for exceptional feel. That's why we are rated the #1 Feel In Golf. The shape of the arm lock putter grip with a flat front and back is designed to lock the wrists in which promotes a better pendulum putter stroke. No matter what style grip you putt with, the Pendulum Putter Grip compliments each one. No need to carry long putter grips or a belly putter grip to stabilize your putting stroke. The pendulum golf grips putter secures and locks wrist movement the same as a long putter grip or oversized putter grip would. The Grip Boost Pendulum putter grips midsize is perfect for all hand sizes. Claw grip, 2 thumb putter grip or traditional grips all work great with the Pendulum counterbalance putter grip.