football gloves


In 2017, the number of participants over the age of six years old in tackle football amounted to roughly 5.2 million. About 1.09 million kids played high school football. From high school all the way to the NFL, athletes are throwing on some sticky football gloves and showing off their skills. We all know that the NFL is home to the best players in the world, but the top players in college aren't that far off. 

Football gloves and quality cleats certainly help wide receivers make ridiculous catches and outrun defensive backs, but it comes down to talent, handwork, and skill for the most part. Here are some of the best wide receivers that will be featured throughout the 2018 NCAA Football season: 

    • A.J. Brown - Ole Miss -- Brown could very well be the first wide receiver taken in next year's NFL draft. Last season, Brown was a sophomore and caught 72 passes for 1,252 yards and 11 touchdowns. He even totaled more than 150 yards in five individual games. At 6-foot-1, 225-pounds, Brown could be a future star in the making.

    • Deebo Samuel - South Carolina -- As long as Samuel remains healthy throughout the duration of the season, he could be the most exciting player in the country. Samuel only played three games last year due to a leg injury but recorded a team-leading six touchdowns.

    • Anthony Johnson - Buffalo -- Johnson recorded eight touchdowns last year, along with 468 receiving yards -- in just three games. The only player who averaged more reviewing yards per game than Johnson was 2017 Biletnikoff Award winner James Washington.

    • N'Keal Harry - Arizona State -- Harry caught 82 passes last year for 1,142 yards as a sophomore. ASU's quarterback Manny Wilkins will surely feed the ball to Harry all year, setting him up for another remarkable season.

    • Kelvin Harmon - NC State -- Harmon and NC State quarterback Ryan Finley have one of the best offensive combinations in the country. With Harmon's size, strength, and talents, he is truly in an elite class of receiver.

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