How long does one application of our sticky grip last?

Anywhere from several plays to an entire game/practice, depending on the amount of frictional contact experienced throughout practices and games. The gel is recommended for repeated use as needed. For longer lasting grip, apply additional coatings before use.

How many applications can you get from a single bottle of our liquid grip enhancer?

Each 2 oz. bottle provides about 60 dime-sized applications, or approximately an entire season.

Do you ship this grip enhancer internationally?

Yes! Just click ‘standard international shipping’ at checkout.

Is Grip Boost legal in NFL, NCAA, high school, and youth competition?

It is legal in all levels of competition and has been tested to meet NOCSAE/SFIA standards. Testing is completed by a third-party service and must follow strict regulations (glove surface must not exceed a coefficient of friction beyond 4.5 N and no residue is allowed to transfer between the glove and ball).

How is Grip Boost different from hand sanitizer?

Grip Boost is a quick drying polymer solution that leaves a thin tacky film on the glove surface. The resulting film restores the grip to worn gloves. Hand sanitizer simply cleans gloves, providing minimal if any additional tack. 

Does Grip Boost work on all gloves?

Grip Boost is formulated to work on all brands of football sticky gloves. We recommend using Cutters or Under Armor gloves for best results.

Where is Grip Boost manufactured?

Grip Boost is proudly made in America by a team of chemical engineers.

Is Grip Boost safe if it comes in contact with skin?

Grip Boost is completely non-toxic and will not cause any harm if it comes in contact with skin. It can easily be removed with water.

What is Grip Boost made of?

Grip Boost is a patent-pending gel formulation made from sustainable materials through an eco-friendly chemical process. 

Does Grip Boost work in the rain?

Grip Boost is designed to be used on dry gloves. Do not use on wet gloves.

I read that the tacky ingredient in the gel is derived from crab shells. Is Grip Boost safe to use for people with shellfish allergies?

The crab shells have undergone numerous processing steps—chemical removal of allergens, purification, and modification prior to being used in the final gel product.



How do I remove the tacky layer from my glove or grips?

We recommend rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer be used. Since the golf spray is designed to be humidity and sweat resistant, alcohol is more effective than soap and water when cleaning the glove or grip surfaces.

How long does an application of the golf tac grip enhancer last?

An application will last 9 holes at a minimum, longer depending on playing conditions and age of the glove or grips used.

Will the fgolf grip spray damage my gloves or grips?

No, the spray is designed to be compatible with all grip and glove materials.

Is the golf spray legal for competitive use?

Yes, the golf spray complies with the rules of golf outlined by the United States Golf Association (USGA).

How should I store the spray bottle when I'm not using it?

When not in use, keep the spray bottle in a cool dry location to guarantee best results. Do not allow the content of the bottle to exceed 95 ˚F (35 ˚C) for a prolonged period of time as this risks degrading the polymer solution.


What material is the towel made of?

Fabric is a polyester/polyamide blend. Waffle texture allows for high absorbance and allows air to flow through the towel for quick drying.

Is the towel machine washable?

Yes it is.

Does the towel have any grip or gel added to the material?

No, the towel was designed for cleaning visors and gloves between plays. The unique waffle texture prevents smudging of visors and dries quickly.



What materials are the gloves made of?

The palm is comprised of silicone infused with GB Grip Tack Technology to make it one of the tackiest and most durable palms created. The reverse side is a breathable lightweight polyester mesh designed for added comfort and range of motion. 

Are the Grip Boost Gloves legal for competition?

The gloves meet the SFIA standards for the NFHS/NCAA and are labeled accordingly on the external cuff.

If I order the wrong size can I exchange them for the correct size?

We offer a 14 day return policy for all unused products. We ask the customer pay for the return shipping.



What is your store return policy?

We offer a 14 day return policy for all unused products. We ask the customer pay for the return shipping.