Grip Boost is a clear polymer-gel that provides extraordinarily clean grip when applied to athletic gloves.

  • Clean Grip
  • Clear Gel
  • Biocompatible Ingredients
  • Key Tacky Polymer Derived from Crabshells
  • Specialized Grip for each Sport
  • Quick-drying

The Grip Boost gel technology was invented and developed at the University of Maryland by PhD Chemical Engineers and Professional Athletes. Upon application, the Grip Boost gel adheres to the gloves by quickly drying and forming a cohesive thin polymer film on the surface of the gloves.

This thin Grip Boost polymer film replaces the existing surface of the gloves with a new cohesive tacky layer. Whether you are looking to restore grip to worn down football gloves or add clean grip to your batting gloves, the Grip Boost gel is the best solution available.

The level of tack/grip of the Grip Boost film on your gloves can be tuned through green chemistry during our manufacturing process—our chemical engineers have tuned it perfectly for your sport. Grip Boost can provide an incredible clean grip that is easy-to-use (just apply it when you need it!) with naturally derived and biocompatible ingredients.


  • Add a dime-size drop of Grip Boost to the gloves
  • Spread gel evenly on gloves by rubbing together
  • Allow 15-20 seconds for gel to dry