football grip glovesIf you're looking for a way to enjoy some parent-child bonding during the long and hot summer months, finding a sport you can enjoy with your children can be the best way for you to both enjoy the climate and and burn off your little ones' energy. The options for outdoor activities are limitless, but today we'll be focusing on summertime sports tips that can transition easily into the fall.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Sport

When looking for activities to do together, it's important to consider both the short game and the long game (pun intended): not only do you want to find something that will be fun for the summer, consider a sports outing that your child can grow into. For example: youth football remains a cultural mainstay, while 13.3% of respondents aged 18-23 mentioned playing golf. While there are benefits to both activities, try to consider both your interests and your child's interests when deciding between the gridiron and a good walk spoiled.

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

One of the biggest barriers to entry of trying a new sport is making sure that you have the right equipment to feel successful. Smaller hands can make football grip a complicated or frustrating prospect. If your little one is enthusiastic about the sport but struggling with dropped balls, consider football grip gloves. Not only can they help children feel a connection to the sport, but football grip gloves are a low-cost way to help instill confidence and offset sweaty hands that are readily available at most football retailers. If you're worried about whether your child's interest in the sport will stick around, ask your sporting good retailer whether football grip gloves can be used for other sports like golf or baseball.

Make Sure You're Prepared to Beat the Heat

Perhaps the most important thing, regardless of what you choose to do together, is making sure that you're engaging with the heat responsibly. That doesn't just mean protective clothing and going out during the right parts of the day if you live in hot areas, but it also means making sure you have essentials like sunscreen and water. Consider sports drinks to replenish electrolytes lost during periods of heavy sweating.

If you're still not sure about which outdoor sport is right for you and your child this summer, consider a trip to your local sporting goods store. Staff can often help you determine interests that will suit both you and your child to get you off the couch and out on the field to start making memories. With the right tools, these summertime outings will not only help strengthen your bond with your children, but will give them time to develop an interest that can carry into the fall and beyond. Have you had success picking up a new summertime sport to spend time with your children? Let us know what worked for you in the comments below.