BALTIMORE – Grip Boost Inc., an innovator in grip technology solutions for athletes, today unveiled its Grip Boost Second Skin Golf Glove 2.0. The advanced golf glove harnesses unique technology to provide golfers with an unmatched grip and fit without the feeling of a heavy, uncomfortable glove.

The technology, developed by former NFL and University of Maryland tight end Matt Furstenburg in partnership with the University of Maryland’s chemical engineering department, uses science data to optimize and enhance a golfer’s grip, comfort and control for maximum performance. The company’s portfolio also features groundbreaking grip solutions for sports such as football and baseball.

“A golfer’s grip is an essential part of hitting successful shots on the course and consistently performing at a high level during a round,” said Matt Furstenburg, CEO of Grip Boost Inc. “The Second Skin Golf Glove 2.0 will help golfers balance power and control on the course by providing them with maximum feel.”

The Second Skin Golf Glove 2.0 is manufactured with the highest quality Cabretta leather, dimpled mesh and synthetic webbing for enhanced grip, comfort and durability in all weather conditions. Features include:

·         Durability: Traditional leather golf gloves, on average, last for 15 rounds of golf. Players often need to rotate pairs of gloves due to loss of grip tackiness and fit. The Second Skin Golf Glove 2.0 is designed with high-quality, breathable material to ensure lasting wear.

·         Comfort: Using AAA Cabretta leather, the Second Skin Golf Glove 2.0 incorporates a dimpled mesh material that is proven to drive moisture out, keeping a

golfer’s hands dry and cool. The mesh combines with a synthetic webbing for an unmatched fit and lightweight feel.

 ·         Flexibility: Flexible fabric with an angled closure strap that allows a custom fit and golfers to weather the elements, rain or shine.

 ·         Affordability: Traditional leather golf gloves can be costly, typically ranging from $20-$25 per pair. At $14.99the Second Skin Golf Glove 2.0 provides an innovative, yet cost effective solution.

About Grip Boost Inc.

Founded in 2012, Grip Boost was invented by former NFL and University of Maryland tight end Matt Furstenburg in partnership with a group of Ph. D chemical engineers at the University of Maryland. The first product from Grip Boost tackled one of the biggest problems with football gloves — the rapid decline in tackiness/grip of the gloves. The innovative solutions that followed harnessed the power of combining science and athletics to develop a wide array of Grip Boost products for football, baseball and golf. The gel technology uses strategically modified chitosan, a natural, non-toxic biopolymer made from crab shells, previously used to develop blood-clotting bandages, foams, and surgical sprays. For more information about Grip Boost, please visit