football gloves sticky spray

American football was transformed into the sport we know and love thanks to Walter Camp, who in the late 19th century invented a number of rules and practices which are still followed to this day -- these new methods included the system of downs and the line of scrimmage, two components it is difficult to picture football without. However, Camp's changes were certainly not the end of American football innovation. Today, one of the most impactful changes to the way the sport is played has come from the invention of football gloves sticky spray and sticky materials.

While the sport is shorter now than it was in Camp's day -- the duration of football games was reduced by 10 minutes during Theodore Roosevelt's presidency -- more action is packed into that time of play thanks to the use of stickier gloves. Next time you watch or participate in a game that uses football gloves sticky spray, you will likely notice these differences that make the match even more interesting.

Quarterbacks making riskier throws

Before the advent of sticky glove technology, the vastly greater dependability of two-handed catches meant that quarterbacks hand to take extra care to only make passes that were near the receiver's body. The ability for receivers to reliably grip footballs with one hand thanks to football gloves sticky spray has enabled players to catch riskier throws like this one, making for a far more exciting game.

Higher scores

No one wants to watch a match that ends seven points to six. With higher risk, higher reward passes come higher scores. The longer a pass, the less accurate the aim will be. Sticky gloves mean that diving, jumping, and outstretched single-handed catches are more likely to lead to completions than ever before, helping teams quickly make their way to the endzone. Who doesn't want to see more hail marys?

Every time we see an incredible catch, we should first thank the team for practicing so hard to get to that level. Then, we should thank the company that made the gloves and spray which gave their grip the extra boost it needed. If you are looking for sticky spray to up your game, visit Grip Boost today.