Grip Boost #1 Wax In Hockey Luxe Hockey Stick Wax - $9.95

MSRP: $ 9.95
  • NON STICK ICE: Wax was designed and tested to reduce ice build up 4x better than other hockey wax products.
  • XTRA GRIP: Proprietary grip formula was added to the wax for increased puck control.
  • PROTECTS BLADE: Wax will protect your hockey stick and prolong the life of your hockey stick tape.
  • MADE IN USA: We proudly make our hockey wax in the USA. Do NOT Eat.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: If you're looking for cheaper candle wax products for non serious hockey players, this product is NOT for you.

Grip Boost has taken a scientific approach to developing the best hockey wax on the market.  We scientifically engineered our hockey stick wax to prevent ice and snow build-up, while still adding supreme grip additives infused into the wax for better feel and control. Our hockey wax is made from a blend of waxes and proprietary additives used by NASA to give you better puck control and enhanced performance on the ice.  The wax will smell like candy, BUT DO NOT EAT.   Proudly Made in the USA!