Grip Boost Loaded White Baseball Batting Gloves with Boost Plus Leather - Adult Sizes

MSRP: $ 45.00

Introducing baseball and softball batting gloves with boost plus leather – a revolutionary advancement in baseball batting glove grip technology that will elevate your game to new heights.  Unparalleled in its class, BOOST plus leather is a game-changer, redefining the standards for performance on the diamond.  With a proprietary tactified treatment, these gloves deliver an extraordinary grip that goes beyond anything currently available in the market.  No more compromises.  Boost plus endures an unyielding connection between your hands and the bat, instilling confidence with every swing.

  • 100% Premium Cabretta Sheep Skin Leather with boost plus technology for superior grip yet soft feel. 

  • Pre-Curved Palm for better feel and less bunching. 

  • Adjustable wrist strap that locks and stabilizes the wrist to decrease injuries while increasing the power with each swing. 

  • Boost Plus Cabretta Leather with Feel:  0.75 Millimeter thick palm provides exception feel but does not sacrifice durability.

  • Pull tab wrist allows exceptional fit to conform the conical shape of the human hand.