custom football towelsThe National Football League has been stacked with tremendous talent each and every season since its conception. These players are some of the biggest, strongest, fastest, and most intelligent athletes in the world. 

Though there have been thousands of NFL players that have come and gone, only a small handful have truly transcended the sport. Jerry Rice, for instance, was voted to 13 Pro Bowls, was named first-time All-Pro 11 years in a row, won three Super Bowls, and is a member of the NFL’s All-Decade team of the 1980s and 1990s. 

Rice has been out of the league for over 10 years, there are only a few current players that have a fast track to the NFL Hall of Fame. Here are some of the best players of all-time that are currently on the field every Sunday:

  • Tom Brady -- You either love him or hate him, but you have to at least respect his accomplishments. Brady is 41-years-old and is still regarded as the best quarterback in the league. Brady is a five-time Super Bowl champion, three-time MVP, and 13-time Pro Bowler.

  • Adrian Peterson -- Though the 33-year-old running back has fallen off a bit in recent years, he still remains as one of the best RBs of all-time. Peterson holds the record for most rushing yards in a single game (296), most touchdowns of 60 yards or more (13), and most career rushing touchdowns in Minnesota Vikings history (97).

  • Larry Fitzgerald -- The 3rd overall pick in the 2004 NFL draft (out of Pittsburgh), Fitzgerald has not disappointed football fans since the moment he came into the league. The 11-time Pro Bowler spent all 14 years with the Arizona Cardinals, racking up 1,251 receptions and 15,721 receiving yards -- both of which are third all-time.

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