#1 Tacky Spray for Golf Grips

The grip that
won’t slip

Golf, like any swing sport,
relies on just the right grip to
maximize power and control.

A tense grip builds greater tension in the forearms and shoulders, providing a full and free-swinging motion. Grip position also affects the ball flight, so maintaining a solid grip throughout the entire game is important for your overall confidence. That's where our revolutionary tacky spray for golf grips and Second Skin golf glove comes in. 

Grip Boost is an innovative tacky golf grip enhancer that gives golfers grip confidence in any situation and in all weather conditions, including rain. Sure, it's good to have a golf grip spray, but that wears away. But, our advanced tacky spray for golf grips can be applied as often as you wish and works on all your clubs. Try our golf grip spray below or find your nearest retailer here!

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