awesome football gloves

Football games used to be about 70 minutes long, but President Theodore Roosevelt’s new rules shortened the games by 10 minutes. In modern times, those 60 minutes are stretched across several hours of television watched by millions of obsessed fans. Many of those fans don't just tune in to root for the home team; they also love watching acrobatic catches from the league’s top wide receivers.

Some of these incredible athletes don awesome football gloves and make catches that are truly unbelievable. We've seen Odell Beckham Jr. make perhaps the best catch of all-time, we've seen Julio Jones break dozens of records and win games on his own, and we've seen Larry Fitzgerald be the greatest human being ever for years. But there are plenty more receivers poised to have either breakout or comeback seasons this year.

Here are some NFL wide receivers to keep an eye on throughout the 2018 NFL season:

  • Mike Evans (Tampa Bay) -- Evans has already had a terrific career in the NFL. At 24-years-old, he's ready to truly take the next step toward greatness. With 32 touchdowns in his young career, he only recorded five scores last year, despite reaching more than 1,000 yards for his fourth consecutive year. Watch Evans find the end zone a lot more this year.
  • Dez Bryant (Free Agent) -- One of the most exciting receivers to ever play the position, Bryant left the Dallas Cowboys on bad terms and will likely play harder than he ever has before in order to prove that he can still be elite. Wherever he ends up, expect fireworks.
  • Davante Adams (Green Bay) -- Now that Jordy Nelson is gone, Adams will take the helm as the Packer's number one receiving option. He's already been a pro baller and recorded 10 touchdowns last year. As the Packers look to get back to what they once were, Adams will have to be a key part of that strategy.
  • Stefon Diggs (Minnesota) -- Rivaling ODB for the most exciting player to watch in football right now, Diggs boosted his stardom with an incredible game winning catch in last year's playoffs. With his awesome football gloves, great awareness, remarkable speed, and excellent attitude, he's going to continue to rise up the wide receiver ranks.
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