football gloves sticky sprayLike most sports, football has an amazing history, full of unique terminology and records. Here are five things even avid football players may not have known about the sport. 

Football is a pretty young sport
American football was invented in 1882, making it only 136 years old. While it's still an impressive age, this is nothing compared to the age of soccer: it was invented in the 5th century B.C. in China. 

Football was founded after rugby rules were modified to accommodate gameplay, but during its advent, it was played more like soccer: players could only kick at the ball and hit it with their hands, hence the name of the game. 

Unlike rugby, football allows three tries to move the ball five yards down the field. This also led to the gridiron pattern on the football field, so referees could track the movement of the ball.

It's not all talent
Athletes work hard to get to the top of their game, but every sport needs special equipment to ensure the safety of their players. While football padding, football helmets, and football gloves are commonplace, many fans don't realize football is played with sticky gloves. Football gloves sticky spray ensures that the player catches the ball and keeps their grip when they run. Stick football gloves can be the difference between a fumble and a touchdown, making football gloves sticky spray a necessity on the field. 

Football isn't the only sport that utilizes sticky spray, however. One of the only sports ever played on the moon also used the spray: golf is another common sport that needs the extra grip. 

College balls and professional balls are different
Just like how sticky football gloves make for easier gameplay, the markings on a college football are slightly different from its professional counterpart. There are white stripes painted at either end of the ovular ball to make it easier to spot when it's passed between players.

Football-shaped is not a shape
A football's shape is actually called a prolate spheroid, essentially translating to "long sphere." Football gloves sticky spray becomes even more important due to the abnormal shape of the ball. 

History of the huddle
Huddles only became commonplace after its advent, thanks to Paul Hubbard, a 1890s quarterback. Hubbard was deaf and didn't want the other teams to read his hand signals, creating the huddle precedent that's followed us to this day. 

Football has a rich history full of fun facts, trivia, and historic landmarks. Use these facts to impress your friends at the next game day.