football grip glove

There are approximately 5.22 million football players age 6 and older. How do you become an outstanding player in the sea of players? The right equipment. Football grip gloves are a simple way to take the edge.

You can take control on the gridiron by adding a high-quality pair of football grip gloves to your arsenal of equipment. Football gloves can take your skill set up a notch or two.

Choose the Right Gloves

Your position will determine which gloves you need to protect your hands and heighten your game. Depending on your position, your gloves should either provide more protection or more grip.

There is a difference between receiver gloves and lineman gloves. Running backs and receivers need a sure grip on the ball. Receiver gloves offer:

  • Back of the hand padding to protect from injuries from impact
  • Palm grip area that is enhanced through the fingers
  • Flexibility and light weight construction
It is important that a receiver can react quickly, so football gloves made for the receiver and running backs are made to feel light on the hands without reducing the amount of protection. They are also more focused on the grip than other types of football gloves.

Lineman gloves are more focused on protecting the hands from injuries they are:

  • More rigid than receiver gloves
  • Built to protect from abrasions and other injuries, more padded than receiver gloves
  • Typically designed with less tack on the palm and the fingers for grip
It can get dangerous on the field for lineman, the right gloves can be an easy way to reduce some of the risk.

Worry Less Play Better

Protecting the hands from injury and improving your skill with a sure-fire grip means more time can be focused on the field and less time worrying about dropping the ball and injuries. A pair of high-quality football grip gloves can be a game changer on the field.

Improving the level of safety on the field with these gloves can mean improved overall performance during the game. Less risk of injury also means less time on the sidelines and more time in the game.

If you do not have a pair of football gloves your uniform is not complete!