sticky gloves


Grip is an integral part of nearly every sport. If you're playing a sport that involves catching or holding any item, you need a strong grip in order to avoid drops, slips, and other mistakes. From catching a deep football pass to swinging a golf club, you need to make sure your hands are secure and have a strong grip. 

That's where sticky gloves come in. Here are some sports that you’ll perform much better with a few quality pairs of sticky gloves: 

  • Football -- Just about every position on the football field requires some sort of grip-based football gloves. Wilson Sporting Goods provides the NFL with about 25,000 official game balls and they are extremely difficult to catch without gloves. Certainly, wide receivers and tight ends need high-quality sticky football gloves in order to catch the maximum amount of passes. Even defensive players and linemen should use football gloves so they can get a grip of the opposing player they are tacking or blocking, as well as successfully catch and pick up fumbles.

  • Golf -- Some people aren't aware of just how important gloves are for the game of golf. During every shot aside from putting, you need to have a good grip on the club to ensure that you have a smooth swing throughout each and every shot. If you're golfing in wet conditions, you'll need a separate pair of golf gloves to combat the rain.

  • Baseball -- A baseball glove is obviously necessary on the defensive side of the field, but you rely more on its web than sheer grip to field grounders and catch line drives. When it comes to batting, however, you need a pair of sticky batting gloves. During the fourth and fifth swings of an at-bat, your hands can get extremely sweaty and tired. Without gloves, you might completely lose your bat on your swing or even your backswing. Some players only use one glove on their bottom hand, deepening on a left or right batting stance, but to get the most grip out of your swing, you should always use two.

If you want to learn more about how sticky gloves can improve your athletic on-field performance and check out some awesome football gloves and other sticky products, contact Grip Boost right away.