football gloves sticky sprayThough about 25,000 fewer high school students played football in 2018 compared to 2017, football remains an extremely popular sport at all levels.

Whether you’re playing high school, college, intramural or flag football, or any other league, you should be trying your best to stand out on the field and excel. If you’re a wide receiver, which is perhaps the most glorious position in all of sports, there are plenty of things you can do during the offseason and during the season that can set you apart from the competition, subsequently improving all your stats.

Here are some great ways to improve your wide receiver skills this year and become the best player on your football team:

  1. Play catch a lot -- It sounds obvious but so many players don't practice catching footballs. Get with your quarterback if you can, but even playing catch with non-football players can improve your coordination and catching abilities.

  2. Get some football gloves sticky spray -- Sticky football gloves are great for wide receivers in order to make those spectacular ODB-like catches. Though every receiver and tight end should utilize quality football gloves, grip spray can help even more. Get some football gloves sticky spray and you'll likely be making all kinds of unbelievable grabs on the field.

  3. Study your playbook -- Whatever level of football you're playing, if you understand your plays and routes, you'll have a significant advantage. Whenever you have downtime, scan through your playbook and make sure you know every play, every route, and every audible inside and out.

  4. Practice running routes a lot -- Once you get an idea of all the plays inside your playbook, get with your QB and practice running your routes. Doing this will help you build chemistry with your quarterback and will help you get more comfortable during games.

  5. Work out a lot -- For every position in every sport, working out is a must. If you want to break tackles, jump higher, and perform better than ever before -- get in the gym and work out a lot.

If you want to learn more about improving your wide receiver skills and want to purchase some quality football gloves sticky spray, contact Grip Boost right away and good luck on the field!