tacky spray for golf gripsDid you know that golf is one of the only two sports to ever be played on the moon? It's a popular game, and if you're just getting started, you might have a few questions about the required equipment. Golf is played using clubs, and one of the most critical parts of a club is the grip; it can make or break your game. If you have sweaty palms, it becomes much harder to hold onto your club. The solution is to use tacky spray for golf grips.

Why Should You Use Tacky Spray For Golf Grips?

Golf spray makes it possible for you to have a firm grip on your club. Undoubtedly, this improves your game by making your swing stronger and swift. There are different types of grips used by golfers.

A player may choose to use the baseball grip where he or she uses 10 fingers to hold the handle. This type of clasp is the easiest to learn and is mostly used by people with small hands, juniors, and ladies. Better and more experienced players use a grip where the little finger sits comfortably on the depression between the forefinger and the middle finger of the hand that's on top. This grip is called the overlapping grip. The interlocking grip is what is commonly used by pro players. The forefinger of the top hand is usually interlocked between the little finger and the ringer finger of the bottom hand.

How Long Does One Application of Tacky Spray Last?

The majority of golf sprays are as good as sticky gloves. The only difference is that the spray does not last as long as a sticky glove for obvious reasons. How long the tacky spray for golf grips lasts, however, depends on the amount of friction and contact during the game. The more friction there is, the quicker the spray wears off. As a player, you will need to use it as often as you feel it losing its effect.

The best thing is to make sure that you apply a few coats to make it feel like a second skin. The best golf grip for sweaty hands is one that keeps your hands as dry as possible. They are mostly made of leather. The best thing about using a tacky spray for golf grips is that it keeps your hands sticky, which makes it impossible to overuse the spray. You will only use it when it is absolutely necessary to dry your hands and improve your grip.

How to Clean Your Grip

Let's face it, a cleaner grip gives you a better chance of having a stronger swing than a dirty grip. Cleaning your grip regularly removes dirt, sweat, and oils that contribute to your palms sweating and slipping more than they should.

You can use your golf ball washer towel to clean your grip or get a cloth that is specific for the clasp. Dampen it with warm water and a little soap and gently rub your grip with it. Once you are sure your towel has absorbed all the dirt, rinse it and dry it using a dry cloth.

We have to caution you, though. If you prefer using grips made of leather, this method will not be suitable for you. Leather and water are long-time enemies, and your grip is no different. Instead of scrubbing it and rinsing it with water, moisten your cloth with warm water (do not use detergents) and gently wipe your leather grip once a week.

Taking care of your grip is as good as taking care of your game. To get a firm grip, you should use tacky spray for golf grips that keep your hands dry and steady, keeping your game swift and your swings precise. Sweaty palms should no longer be a problem with these golf sprays.