football glove juiceAlthough you need talent and regular training to succeed in football, sticky football gloves can give you an edge over your competitors. You can get awesome football gloves out there in the store, but if they are not sticky enough, you will still struggle to catch the football.

Washing football gloves has been known as one of the methods that can make your football gloves sticky, but as a wide receiver, you don't have that luxury in the middle of the game. Here are some simple tips you can use to make your football grip secure without breaking the rules.

1. Spit Method

If you are still wondering how to keep football gloves sticky, you can use the spit method. It does not only take tears, sweat, and blood to succeed. Sometimes it takes some saliva as well. You can spit and wipe your gloves against each other during the match, and you can be sure that your grip will increase. This method is beneficial, especially when gloves dry within a short period. Spit method is highly preferred by several football players because you can do it several times during the game.

2. Removing Football Glove Juice

Moisture is likely to develop inside the hand due to the heat being generated between the hand and the glove. This is what is referred to as football glove juice and does not only reduce the football grip but is also a health hazard because it is rich in bacteria. You can use custom football towels to wipe football glove juice as the match goes on. You can also use some customized football gloves that are made for sweaty hands.

3. Baby Wipe Method

Yes, baby wipes. You can take some baby wipes and wipe your football gloves to increase their grip during a match. It has previously been done by many players and has worked. However, it can only be done at the beginning or during intervals. It is a temporary solution to grip issues, but it is always good to try.

4. Grip Spray

Just like the spit method, grip spray enhances the stickiness of the football glove by being sprayed on the gripping side. It is also a temporary solution that footballer has been using. One of the standout benefits of grip spray is that it dries immediately.

Previously, football games took 70 minutes, but since President Theodore Roosevelt's time, rules changed and are now 60 minutes. However, this time is sufficient for gloves to lose grip and their stickiness. As a football player, you can use the above techniques to enhance your football glove gripping power.