football glove grip spray


During the 2016-2017 season, approximately 1.09 million high school students played football. If you want to become a better player, there are some important steps you need to take during the offseason to ensure a successful season, no matter what position you play.

It's important to note that weightlifting is crucial for every player, no matter his or her position on the field. So make sure you’re hitting the weight room during the offseason so you are as strong as possible for the upcoming football season. 

Here are some excellent tips for each position that will help you stand out on the football field this season:



    • Work with your receiving corps -- You should always be throwing the ball, but not just to anybody willing to play catch. Practice with your wide receivers and tight ends so you build on-field chemistry.

    • Study the playbook -- The only way for a quarterback to excel is to know the playbook like the back of your hand. If you’re serious about becoming the best player you can be, study your playbook during every second of downtime you have.

Running Back

    • Carry the football everywhere -- As a running back, your most important responsibility is to take care of the football. The easiest way to get off the field is to fumble the football. So you should always have a football in your arms and don’t let anyone take it from you. Football glove grip spray can give you much better traction, preventing fumbles, but you need to keep the ball locked in your bicep at all times.

    • Practice catching in the flats -- If you want to truly become a great running back, you have to be a dual threat. Being able to catch the ball and run afterward will help you thrive on the field.

Wide Receiver/Tight End

    • Use football glove grip spray -- Wearing sticky football gloves can help improve your catching abilities, but football glove grip spray can take your game to the next level. Put on your gloves, use quality grip spray, and play catch with your quarterback as often as possible.

    • Run a lot -- By building your stamina and your speed, you'll be able to run circles around the other team's defensive backs. Running every day will surely be exhausting, but it will pay off on the field as you sprint past the other team for the touchdown.

Offensive/Defensive Line

    • Workout in the gym -- Again, working out is important for every position, but it’s imperative for linemen. If you’re not the strongest player on the field, you’re going to get pushed around by the opposing player. Whether you’re on the D-line trying to sack the quarterback or on the O-line thing to protect him, make sure you’re as strong as possible.

    • Practice patience and discipline -- Like running backs fumbling, the easiest way for linemen to lose their roster spot is to continue making penalties. Working on your patience and discipline with help you avoid those costly delay of game and holding penalties.