Grip Boost Streamer Football Towel 3.0 with Football Glove Cleaner

MSRP: $ 16.00
  • VISOR VISION: Patent pending squeegee added to the football towel to keep football gloves and football visor's clean.
  • ABSORBENT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This microfiber towel is ultra thin and lightweight so it doesn't get in the way. The long, thin design is the modern style that the professionals use. Stylish and functional, this small and mighty towel is highly absorbent.
  • SECURE ATTACHMENT: A football towel with velcro for easy attachment. This towel stays in place play-after-play; Out of the way, yet there when you need it. This sleek pro-style towel isn't bulky or awkward.
  • NONSTREAK VISOR CLEANER: The only football towel design on the market that can clean your visor and leave it streak-free. This towel leaves no trace, no fibers, and no streaks. The latest microfiber technology providing the ideal football visor cleaner.
  • PROFESSIONAL STYLE: Designed by a professional football player, the Grip Boost microfiber football towel has the long and thin modern style that the pros are using on the field. Athletes and scientists combined their expertise and skillsets to achieve optimal performance so you can secure the win and feel good doing it.

Patent Pending Grip Boost Visor Vision Football Towel is like no other.  Our new towel material locks in moisture and dirt, leaving your gloves and visor clean as a whistle.  The towel also includes a small squeegee sewn at the bottom of the towel to clean and remove dirt and sweat from your football gloves and football visor.  Born out of a passion for the game and a quest to improve a players experience and performance, pro-athletes and scientists teamed up to brainstorm innovations that can bring your game to the next level. Hook and loop closure with velcro ensure you don't lose your towel when the game heats up. You can feel confident that it will remain securely attached to your belt all game or practice long. True modern pro style that is long and thin because it was designed by a professional football player. When you look good and you feel good, your confidence enhances your game. The ultra-thin microfiber football towel is the best football visor cleaner on the market because it leaves no streaks or fibers behind so you have a clear view. Lightweight design leaves you unhindered and untethered. The next generation of football swag - an optimal blend of performance, functionality, and style.