Grip Boost White Football/Sports Towel V2.0 - $14.95

MSRP: $ 14.95

Trust Grip Boost for some of the highest quality football gear on the market. This highly absorbent, quick-drying white football towel will be there to keep your hands dry for a better grip on the ball. When the competition gets heated, this towel features a hook and loop closure, so you can feel confident that it will securely attach to your belt all game or practice long.

The GB White Football Towel V2.0 Features:

  • Super Absorbent
  • Velcro (New Feature) + Belt Slit For Easy Attachment
  • Premium Material 
  • Only Towel that can Clean Football Visors
  • Personalize Your White Football Towel with the GB # Tag (New Feature)

Full Dimensions: ( 20" by 2.8")