Grip Boost Sweat Proof Grip Enhancer Gamer Grip for Golf, Tennis, Yoga, Pole Fitness, Gymnastics - 2oz.Golf Spray - $12.99

MSRP: $ 12.99

The Grip BoostClutch Hold Spray adds a clean, long lasting frictional grip to hands, golf glovesor grip handles while repelling sweat and moisture.

The Grip Boost Anti-Slip Spray is the best golf club grip spray for sweaty hands. It is designed to combat sweaty hands and prevent slippage by adding a clean, long lasting frictional grip to golf gloves and/or golf club grips while repelling sweat and moisture --- Grip Boost is engineered to be sweat proof and help your grip in all wet or hot/humid conditions. When the golf club grip spray is applied to hands or grips, it makes them water resistant, so you can grip with the utmost confidence.

Whether youre interested in improving your golf performance or need a replacement anti-slip golf club grip spray that you can trust, Grip Boost has you covered. Order yours online today or find your nearest retailer to get started!


  • Clean and easy to use.
  • Enhances golf grip through sweat and rain.
  • Increases club head speed.
  • Relieves grip pressure.
  • Improves distance and accuracy.