football towelsDuring the 2017 season, about 1.09 million high school students played football. Just because football is over doesn’t mean you can't work on improving your craft.

Once the summer hits, you can start getting outside and getting some real practice on, but until then, you shouldn’t just sit and wait for the warmer weather. You need to remain active and continue working on every aspect of the game in order to become the best player you can be.

Here are some great tips on improving your football skills at the start of the offseason:

  • Study the playbook as much as you can -- Don't just sit on the couch and do nothing during the offseason. You need to start preparing for the season. If you're serious about excelling on the field, you should spend at least an hour or two every night going over the playbook. Don't just study your plays, either. Learn all the plays at every position -- it will only help you in the long run.
  • Upgrade all your football equipment -- It was a long, hard season ... and now you probably have a lot of raggedy football towels, loose cleats, and worn-down gloves. Now is the perfect time to upgrade all that equipment. Get some awesome sticky gloves, fresh football towels, and some brand new cleats and you'll soon be ready to go.
  • Hit the gym -- Taking better care of your body is a great way to improve your skills later on. Start by eating healthier and sleeping better, but don't skip out on gym days. You should hit the weight room often to make sure you're strong and in football shape.
  • Watch game film -- Since you still will have a lot of downtime over the winter, you should consider watching as much game film as you can in preparation for the next season. Watch your own team to evaluate your own performance but consider studying your opponents' plays and highlights, as well. This will help you gain a competitive advantage once play resumes.

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